Massage of the month: February Massage

Use the colder days of the year to pamper your body and mind with an activating massage.
In this sensual full-body massage especially the back / buttocks muscles are loosened with targeted, strong handles and accompanied gently with a variety of body to body touches.
Here, the masseuse with palms and pressure of the fingertips on stressed parts of the body and thus helps them to relax again.
In order to be completely re-energized, we include a focused but slow lingam and kundalini massage. To increase erotic tension and sexual desire, one dedicates much time and attention of the testicle massage with different grip techniques. This is often used as a prelude or during an intimate massage, so as to achieve a very long pleasure with delayed peak. A sustainable relaxation with a high feel-good factor is therefore the result.

We wish you a lot of pleasure!

60 minutes – 125 €
90 minutes – 155€