Massage of the month: December Massage

Especially in the run-up to Christmas the desire for stress-relieving relaxation increases. Take your time and revitalize your body with our winter massage.

First, your skin is prepared with gentle strokes and warmed oil on the now following exfoliation. Here you use a so-called “Kesa” (glove), which is guided along the entire body and leaves a pleasant tingling. Especially on the inner thighs you will feel a slight stimulant.

The now excited and refreshed skin now needs the reassuring balance of a ritual washing with hot towels. Traditional elements with feathers and skins are now incorporated into the massage process and tantric handles caress your body. The masseuse then pours oil over her and slides her body along with the most intense body to body contact. Especially this transition from a light scrub to a soft oiled body creates a particularly erotic mood. The following handles on the Lingam are the tense highlight of this unique massage.

We wish you a lot of pleasure!


90 minutes – 155 €
120 minutes – 205€