Appointments in the physiotherapy practice as well as with the mobile massages are also possible beyond the tele-phone accessibility. Under circumstances short-term appointment arrangements are also to be agreed. Indeed, we can guarantee only with untimely reservation a free appointment which is also by your wishes.

Please understand if we can not respond immediately to your messages or the answering machine is heard. Probably we are just being in a massage.

Try it quietly a little later once again or leave an SMS or e-mail which is possible for it to us we as soon as, will answer.

E-mails are checked regularly. Nevertheless, for a spontaneous appointment arrangement a phone call or an SMS is better suitable.

Phone: 0171 – 73 74 05 6

Volmerswerther Str. 41
40221 Düsseldorf

Should you not be able to keep once an agreed term, give to us please frühstmöglich by SMS, phone or e-mail notice.

Many thanks!

Calendar (July 16, 2018 to July 22, 2018)

Studio: Volmerswerther Straße 41 in 40221 Düsseldorf (Bilk) / Duesseldorf-Massage





Monday11am - 8pmnot available12am - 6pmmobile
Tuesday11am - 8pmnot available11am - 8pmmobile
Wednesday11am - 8pm11am - 7pmnot availablemobile
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Friday11am - 8pmnot availablenot availablemobile
Saturday11am - 8pm12am - 7pmnot availablemobile
Sundaynot available12am - 7pmnot availablemobile
Mondaynot available9am - 8pm11am - 8pm
Tuesday12am - 8pm9am - 8pmnot available
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Friday12am - 8pm9am - 8pm11am - 8pm
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