Our massages

Our massages are full body massages which can be changed individually by you. Alternatively, our massages can also be performed with a massage lotion.

Tantra massage

A sensual and erotic full body massage with tantric rituals and special oils, various utensils such as feather, warm towels, etc., mixed with elements of the body to body massage.

60 minutes: 130,- €

90 minutes: 160,- €

120 minutes: 210,- €

Body to body intense with lingam massage

This erotic full body massage combines both elements from the classic massage as well as an especially close to the body version with Body to body and a so-called Lingam. This Lingam massage is a special massage of the male genital area, in targeted attacks, a voltage build-up of sensitive to intense is achieved. According to the total duration of the massage you will get 20 – 45 minutes of an intimate massage with all kinds of tricks from sensitive to intense.

60 minutes: 120,- €

90 minutes: 150,- €

120 minutes: 200,- €

Wellness massage with body to body elements

Here you will experience a full body massage with handles from the classic spa. This is refined with body to body elements so that the masseuse uses her hands and alternating her upper body. At the end there will be a short intimate relaxation.

60 minutes: 100,- €

90 minutes: 140,- €

120 minutes: 180,- €

Wellness massage

Relaxation massage “Ayurveda tradition”, without intimate massage.

60 minutes: 100,- €

Short massage

For our guests with very little time, even the short massage on offer remains.

This constitutes mainly a spa massage with a brief intimate relaxation at the end. There are no Body to Body elements are present and you reserve the passive connoisseurs position.

45 minutes: 80,- €

Nuru massage

The Nuru massage is an erotic body massage with an odourlessl and tasteless gel. This Nuru gel is colorless and is made from japanese algae. The Nuru massage gets her name from the japanese word “NURU” and means “flatly / slimy. We only use a high-quality Platinum Nurugel.

The Nuru massage is the most intimate form of the erotic massages. With our body we give unforgettable moments of relaxation, desire and joy. The Nuru-gel, as opposed to the warm body of the masseuse, has a cooling effect on your skin. During the massage, your body will be spilled with the Nuru gel.

High erotic factor without wrong inhibitions. Nuru as freshly from Japan, without distance, close to body, sexy, erotically and very, very hot.

60 minutes: 190,- €

90 minutes: 230,- €

120 minutes: 280,- €

Shunga gel massage

As an alternative to the Nuru massage, we also offer now the Shungagel massage.

This gel with the the scent “Exotic Fruit” has also similar properties as the slippery Nuru gel. In addition, these oriental body to body massage turns the moment into a sensual, seemingly weightless experience.

The gel, which is generously poured onto the two naked bodies, creates an exciting and aphrodisiacal feeling and makes the skin receptive to intimate touches in the form of an intensive Lingam.

60 minutes: 150,- €

90 minutes: 200,- €

120 minutes: 250,- €

Two girls massage experience

Experience a massage with two masseuses of your choice and dive into a sensuous experience of a special kind. You will receivel synchronous massagse as well as alternate body to body elements twice intensely.

60 minutes: 190,- €

90 minutes: 250,- €

120 minutes: 320,- €

Our Friday-Special

Every Friday we offer a special offer in addition to our normal massages.

This massage includes two extensive Lingammassagen and thus a two-fold relaxation. This is a great way to enjoy a long day of relaxation and a relaxed weekend.

To begin with, you will symbolically strip your daily routine and take a long shower time in our large bathroom. Then our masseur is already waiting for you in your tantra space and gently begins to loosen your entire body from the shoulders to the feet with stroking movements. When the heated oil is spread all over the body, your back and butt is gently flattered with the breasts. Stimulating touches of the inner limbs and testicles are slightly irritating.

Now, the sub-arms glide over the whole body over large areas and thus release slight tensions. Small, targeted handles in the shoulder-back area are then used for cramped areas. For the soothing excitement the glans are stimulated with special handles, so that the Lingam is brought to a tension-loaded climax.

In order to guarantee a lasting relaxation, this is repeated a second time towards the end of the massage.

60 minutes: 115,- €

90 minutes: 145,- €

120 minutes: 195,- €

Stack of zen stones and aromatic candles on table,Zen concept.

Oil-Candle Massage

The massage is carried out with classic handles and is enhanced by aromatic substances, light and heat. The candle contains essential oils and natural extracts. So a candle massage improves the elasticity of the skin and ensures a soft, supple skin feeling. The special wax melts at 40 to 50 degrees and can be used for the warm massage as soon as it is liquid.

The wax looks like oil, but has the advantage that it does not lubricate. So a candle massage can be stimulating, soothing or balancing.

60 minutes: 130,- €

90 minutes: 160,- €

120 minutes: 200,- €

Holistic massage experience – aloe vera massage

In this special massage you will find through the use of aloe vera gel or oil a relaxing Tantra Wellness Massage with especially nourishing properties. Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant with particularly moisture spendener and regenerating effect.

Initially welcomes the masseuse with Aloe Vera drink, a natural product that can help at the first signs of restlessness. After that, the shared showers for cleaning before the massage begins with a full body exfoliation and a lot of foam.

During the actual massage, tantra typical utensils, such as feathers, skins and hot towels are used, and thus the character of the gentle massage significantly. Delicate touches of the lingam and handles the spa combine relaxation with targeted excitation up to the climax.

To experience the rich facets of Tantra and find a natural handling of your desire and sexual energy. For uniform finale takes place a final common showers.

60 Minuten: 150,- €

90 Minuten: 200,- €

120 Minuten: 250,- €